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  • Check-In January 2018

    I figure I would just publicly post about my check-ins to give myself some accountability. Feel free to call me out on my bullshit or something that you think I could improve. 2018 Resolutions Vegetarian (Really Pescatarian) This has been the most surprisingly easy transition I’ve had so far. The only time I’ve lapsed has been when I occasionally just an strong desire to eat something that’s available in a restaurant I’m going to. Or ...(Read More)

    Resolutions 2018

    2017 should just be decreed the year of Ryoga. Probably the biggest and most momentous life change I’ve done in a long time is take on the responsibility of a dog. I’ve been considering it since 2016 but decided to wait until after the new year since I had a 2 week vacation planned over Christmas. Beyond that the year was combined with the most hectic summer I’ve ever had where I was doing something ...(Read More)

    Resolutions 2017

    2016 was a weird shift year for me. When I think back on where I was in December in 2015 and where I am now in December 2016 I’m not sure I feel there has been a lot of changes and accomplishments. Internally I feel similiar though I’ve known that I’ve done some things. This year has gone by pretty quickly and I feel that the first 7 months was a whirlwind of training and ...(Read More)

    This Week in Podcasts (5/16)

    I didn’t do a lot of training runs during the week but I had my 18 MILE ridiculous run on this weekend which took me 3+ plus hours. Jeez, I listened to so much just during that period. 56 Zardulu (5/21) Summary: The story of a mysterious artist, Zardulu, who made a fake web video about the rat selfie. Nefariously crafted and getting strong viral attention from multiple media sources this video made everyone criticize ...(Read More)

    This Week in Podcasts (2016/5/08)

    I listen to a lot of podcasts in a week, at least one during my commute to and from work everyday and I listen to them on my runs. Since I’m training for the SF Marathon I’m adding about 4-5 hours a week in podcasts. It’s adding up. I figured I would write up about what I’m listening to! I’m trying out an approach where I break down each episode into three important things: Summary ...(Read More)