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  • Resolutions 2019

    I don’t even know what to talk about in 2018. The year has gone by in a blaze so fast that I can’t even recall what was going on. I’ve been on multiple international trips, multiple new national parks, and met a lovely woman are probably the main highlights. Group Adventures and connecting with old friends I think this years has been hallmarked most by connecting with friends on epic adventures. More so than before ...(Read More)

    Guide to Vietnam

    I ended up spending quite a bit of time in Vietnam and I figured I would just write up what was cool and what I learned on my travels throughout the country. The Basics When to travel: Seasons of Vietnam I think people lump Vietnam in with Thailand and Cambodia: warm winters, tropical climate, etc. But the country spans a large vertical distance and has very different environments. The north is cold and rainy in ...(Read More)

    National Park Guide

    National Park Guide Ever since about 2016 I’ve been collecting postcards of the National Parks marking each visit with a bit of the story and I figure at some point I should just talk about the things involving each park. What I liked, things about my experiences camping there, and etc. Last Updated: Grand Canyon in October of 2018. Denali & Kenai Fjords in May of 2018 Bryce Canyon Where: Utah When: I visited in ...(Read More)

    The Short Summary of Internet in San Francisco

    San Francisco has become a decently competitive place for Internet. The choices you have are highly dependent on your location and how much access you have to your building. But here’s a quick rundown since I feel this comes up over and over again. You can get Internet down from 50 mbps -> 1000 mbps (gigabit) The main providers of Internet are: AT&T, Comcast,, MonkeyBrains, WebPass, and Wave Braoadband AT&T AT&T (otherwise known as ...(Read More)

    Mid-Year Resolution Check 2018

    I have quite a few resolutions from 2018 and I’m going to just check in for what they are. Vegetarian (okay really Pescatarian) I kept the goal of 5/7 days of a week for the next few months pretty consecutively. I missed it once when I was in New Zealand and I skipped it while I was traveling the American South. I did realize that I switched from vegetarian to pescatarian somewhere in this timeline. ...(Read More)