Resolutions 2024

2023 was the year of intermission. A gap year between different parts of my life. 2022 was the year of the wedding and the honeymoon and 2023 was the year the start of getting the house together, getting my life back together, and just a bunch of other things. Here are some highlights: We took Mama Burke to Ireland We made a trip with Jacque, Mel and Mama Burke to go to Ireland. Instead of spending the entire time in Dublin, we had a nice drive out to Galway and I would say the west coast of Ireland is way better than Dublin. It’s nicer in terms of climate, more quaint and the food is fantastic. The only downside is that we really wanted to stay in a castle but unfortunately I guess castle bedrooms didn’t have ground floor housing which would be havoc on Mama Burke. Small Trips We ...(Read More)

The Tips and Tricks Guide to Outlanders (Apple Arcade)

Outlanders is one of the best strategy games inside the Apple Arcade library. They occasionally do updates with the latest Flood and Fire released in December of 2022. This guide is mostly tips and tricks to get through each level and the optional quest as opposed to a step by step walk through. General Advice Some general advice for the game is important that’s going to apply for all these things. Food is essential, you can survive without a lot of other things but if you don’t have enough food being harvested/created everyday you’re screwed. Minimize downtime by putting smaller stockpiles closer to production. You want to activate things like “Hard Work” during the day so you can maximize it instead of at night. Your population won’t have as many kids if they’re not as happy. So you can reduce happiness to reduce population as well though it’s not a ...(Read More)

Open Sourcing my Journal Analysis

In case we haven’t talked about it I’ve been doing my daily journal for almost 10 years now. The entry is done at the end of the day and it’s been pretty consistent. Sometimes entries are small, sometimes they’re huge. But it’s been a useful tool for me to write down my thoughts at the end of the day. I mostly keep my journal as two things: A source of what happened that day. A medium to write about my day or thoughts Code is available here Tools to help The other thing that I haven’t talked about as much though is that I’ve also analyzed the hell out of my entries. At first it was mostly just silly things like tracking names across time periods to see who is mentioned a lot. I just used a white list of names of people who I wanted to track though. Then ...(Read More)

Known Knowns

I was talking recently about the future and dealing with the unknown unknowns involving buying real estate and realized that Mel didn’t know about the concept. So I decided to write a little blog post about it since I thought it might be fun (also NYE resolution on writing). This is a concept I’ve used in tech when covering specifications about projects and estimating times. I give buffer for things that I don’t know about but I imagine it can be generalized for most types of projects. So let’s explain the basics. You have three basic tenets: Known Knowns – Things you know that you should look out for Known Unknowns – Things you know about, but aren’t sure about the impact of them Unknown Unknowns – Things that you don’t know about and thus aren’t sure about the impact of them It’s possibly to have an Unknown Known but ...(Read More)

About Prop 22

Prop 22 These are all my views and not that of Lyft just to be clear. I’m not also going to give real numbers but approximations for everything since information is confidential. I’ve had a few people ask me about my thoughts on this and I figured I’d just write it out instead. This is not a post trying to convince you of any position or the other just my thoughts on the matter. If you want, feel free to respond. Background on AB5 So Prop 22 is a proposition that exempts Ride share drivers (food delivery / instacart shoppers too) from AB5. AB5 was the legislation that enshrined a California SCOTUS decision called the Dynamex decision. The decision of employee vs contractor requires the following ABC test. Unless all three of these are true you cannot classify people working for you as contractors: (A) that the worker is free ...(Read More)