Resolutions 2022

Jeez, if 2020 was a shit show of a year 2021 was the year of monumental change. I know a lot people are doing that right now. People have moved, made big career decisions, started families, and so I’m in the same boat as many other people. The year felt shorter than the last year and I don’t know why though. The pandemic just feels like it’s ongoing forever but at least I feel things are now moving forward in my own life. Married Mel The big highlight of the year was marrying Mel. She’s now officially (but not in all legal documents yet) Mel Dhaimade! We were actually going to do a courthouse wedding but they told us that courthouse wasn’t open and that it would be over zoom so we said fuck it and had a small ceremony at Lake Merritt. We exchanged garlands and had our friend ...(Read More)

Open Sourcing my Journal Analysis

In case we haven’t talked about it I’ve been doing my daily journal for almost 10 years now. The entry is done at the end of the day and it’s been pretty consistent. Sometimes entries are small, sometimes they’re huge. But it’s been a useful tool for me to write down my thoughts at the end of the day. I mostly keep my journal as two things: A source of what happened that day. A medium to write about my day or thoughts Code is available here Tools to help The other thing that I haven’t talked about as much though is that I’ve also analyzed the hell out of my entries. At first it was mostly just silly things like tracking names across time periods to see who is mentioned a lot. I just used a white list of names of people who I wanted to track though. Then ...(Read More)

Known Knowns

I was talking recently about the future and dealing with the unknown unknowns involving buying real estate and realized that Mel didn’t know about the concept. So I decided to write a little blog post about it since I thought it might be fun (also NYE resolution on writing). This is a concept I’ve used in tech when covering specifications about projects and estimating times. I give buffer for things that I don’t know about but I imagine it can be generalized for most types of projects. So let’s explain the basics. You have three basic tenets: Known Knowns – Things you know that you should look out for Known Unknowns – Things you know about, but aren’t sure about the impact of them Unknown Unknowns – Things that you don’t know about and thus aren’t sure about the impact of them It’s possibly to have an Unknown Known but ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2021

Ooooh man. 2020 was a shit show of a year. The pandemic caused huge shock waves throughout all our lives and the entire year has been a clusterfuck. At least the Democrats have the White House so no more Trump news for the next 4 years (at least not just him complaining or something). We had a whole trip to Japan canceled but otherwise I’m lucky that I didn’t lose my job or get sick or anything. I didn’t take that much vacation and only realized in November that I should at least time some time off so I staycationed kind of hard near the end. So let’s just go over some things that happened this year. Moved in with Mel The biggest news of the year is that I moved in with Mel. We live in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Oakland now. After a month or two ...(Read More)

About Prop 22

Prop 22 These are all my views and not that of Lyft just to be clear. I’m not also going to give real numbers but approximations for everything since information is confidential. I’ve had a few people ask me about my thoughts on this and I figured I’d just write it out instead. This is not a post trying to convince you of any position or the other just my thoughts on the matter. If you want, feel free to respond. Background on AB5 So Prop 22 is a proposition that exempts Ride share drivers (food delivery / instacart shoppers too) from AB5. AB5 was the legislation that enshrined a California SCOTUS decision called the Dynamex decision. The decision of employee vs contractor requires the following ABC test. Unless all three of these are true you cannot classify people working for you as contractors: (A) that the worker is free ...(Read More)