Guide to Australia

When to go Australia seasons are unknown to me but the important thing that I realized is that unlike school in the United States, there’s not just one summer break in Australia. There are multiple school breaks that made things really busy when traveling around. I would recommend avoiding them if you can. Money For the most part you can use your credit card in Australia. There were only a few times that we had to use cash. Even the Sydney Metro accepted directly using a card without having to use a transit card. Food The food in Australia was kind of meh. Sydney had some decent meals but outside of that in all of Queensland was super expensive and not very good. I would recommend trying to cook if you can. Where I went Hervey Bay Hervey Bay is this town north of Brisbane that was super cute. It’s ...(Read More)

Guide to New Zealand

New Zealand is a fun country that you can go around in and you can actually do both islands if you want. I think the question though is what you want to be in for. The North Island is a lot shorter drives and there are a few more cultural things (also the food I think is better) but the South Island has the more extreme environments and nature that New Zealand would be known for. When to go The southern hemisphere is flipped so their summer is in December. As someone who traveled during a peak time but also someone who traveled during a shoulder season, I would say the shoulder season is a lot easier to travel in and less crowds and challenges getting things but you can anticipate a lot more rain and dealing with weather. It gets fucking cold, we brought two camper chairs because I ...(Read More)

Guide to India

I’ve been to India quite a few times and traveled extensively through the country twice now. Once in 2015 and once in 2022. The caveat is that any of my experiences here are situational as I was an Indian person who was traveling in India though I had white people traveling (Amber and Michael for 2015 and my wife Mel in 2022) with me for both times. When to go Peak travel time in India is between November to February. That’s when monsoon season is most certainly over and you won’t have to deal with torrential rains throughout the country. It’s also wedding season in India so you might encounter a lot of business at hotels or places near wedding venues. Understanding India India is a very very big country with a long rich history. Prepare for completely different experiences and types of people as you travel throughout the country. ...(Read More)

Guide to Namibia

I went on a recent trip (October-November 2019) to Namibia a beautiful country on the southern side of Africa. Honestly, it wasn’t really on my radar until somebody suggested it as a location to go and it had a a diverse set of awesome activities to do. The country divorced itself from South Africa in the 90s and is this huge mostly empty country. The highlights include safari animals (lions, elephants, etc), delicious sea food and the tallest sand dunes in the world. You could do the entire thing on tour but honestly driving yourself around is also pretty reasonable. The big thing is that you have huge distances between the places but having your own car is pretty comfortable to set your schedule. When to go Namibia’s dry season is in September/October which makes finding animals a lot easier as many of them are hanging around the watering holes ...(Read More)

Guide to Vietnam

I ended up spending quite a bit of time in Vietnam and I figured I would just write up what was cool and what I learned on my travels throughout the country. The Basics When to travel: Seasons of Vietnam I think people lump Vietnam in with Thailand and Cambodia: warm winters, tropical climate, etc. But the country spans a large vertical distance and has very different environments. The north is cold and rainy in the winter, the central regions just finished their rainy reason, and the south is what you envision when you think of Thailand. This is all in the month of December. Traveling during the rainy seasons is also rice picking season so it’s supposedly very beautiful. I only traveled during winter which is the low season for travels. One important consideration is that Tet (Lunar New Year) is when everyone goes back home to their village. ...(Read More)