Event Horizon – Movie Review

Rating 3/5Worth watching but don’t go out of your way to see it. I would say Event Horizon is Sphere meets Doom/Alien. Combine sphere’s creepiness and aspects of fear and crazy shit happening with Doom’s space opera all in a high tech ship / area and you get Event Horizon. The fact that they all came around the same time is an interesting fact. The movie has some proper creepy moments and some aspects of real terror but then combines that with terrible graphic effects and just bad scenes with giant explosions that remove the creepiness. Combine that with some just terrible imagery that isn’t just to gross you out and you get a movie that while has great parts, also has quite terrible parts. If it had stuck with the creepy vibe and just kinda played on the fear aspect instead of creating this Hellraiser like villan it would ...(Read More)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Movie Review

Rating: 4/5Watch it at least once! Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a prequel movie to the famous Planet of the Apes. It’s actually a pretty decent science fiction psuedo action movie. The entire story starts out a bit slowly, but gradually around midway it gets substantially better with Cesar the main ape having to start become the leader of the apes. It’s gradual and interesting development of Cesar from just pet ape to full grown adult. The characters in the story were typical characters, the sympathetic hulk man gorilla, the wise looking Orangutan (a nod to the original I believe). The only thing that was annoying was FAR too much foreshadowing that was too obvious, not even simple red herring foreshadow, just blinding obvious nods to previous films and future developments in the movie. You can garner a bit from the trailer, but there is so much ...(Read More)

When Harry Met Sally – Movie Review

Rating: 5/5Great Movie! When Harry Met Sally is a romantic classic and honestly I understand why it’s a super classic. The plot explores the idea of “can men and women just be friends?”. The story is basically driven around that concept. The entire story both characters are charming, cute and somewhat realistic. Both characters are annoying and have significant bad points when they are younger but both mellow and grow out of their points after long lasting relationships in their mid 20s. But they both find each other serendipitously over and over again (which I admit is the significantly most implausible part of the movie). Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are both charming and quick witted. The movie also introduced a few major concepts in dating (“Rebound guy” and “high-maintenance”), at least that’s from Wikipedia. The speech at the end is very cute too. Also it has the famous Deli Scene, ...(Read More)

Hanna – Movie Review

Rating: 2/5 StarsNot worth watching An interesting barebones action-revenge movie with lots of choreographed action scenes and a basic government conspiracy plot. Nothing much else to watch it for. If you like Taken then you’ll like this movie. But if you want a plot and not just interesting fight scenes with a mediocre set of bad guys, then watch Hanna, it’s a fun movie in that regard.

Troll Hunter Review

Rating: 3/5 Stars If you got nothing better to do, watch it.  Troll Hunter is a mock shaky cam movie about Trolls in Norway. In Nordic Culture, Trolls are similar to Trolls in Lord of the Rings, big giant creatures who eat people but are susceptible to sunlight where they will turn to stone or explode. More akin to wild beasts though without any communication in human speech. The other part of Troll mythology in Nordic Culture though is that Trolls eat Christians, I’m not sure the rational or biological explanation for this and the movie never covers it, just takes it for granted as true. The movie covers a few kids who follow Hans the Troll Hunter as he talks about his experiences and takes down trolls with them (he seems to be a bit annoyed that he doesn’t get overtime pay, so he’s willing to divulge state secrets). The ...(Read More)