Mid-Year Resolution Check 2018

I have quite a few resolutions from 2018 and I’m going to just check in for what they are. Vegetarian (okay really Pescatarian) I kept the goal of 5/7 days of a week for the next few months pretty consecutively. I missed it once when I was in New Zealand and I skipped it while I was traveling the American South. I did realize that I switched from vegetarian to pescatarian somewhere in this timeline. I think it’s been reasonable though and I’ve officially bumped myself up to once every 2 weeks. I do realize though the title is annoying. I don’t like calling myself vegetarian or even pescatarian because I do occasionally allow myself to eat meat. I think I feel guilty when I eat meat when I give myself a title that people take more stringently. I’ve been pondering over it and a friend suggested Minimalist Meat eater ...(Read More)

Check-In January 2018

I figure I would just publicly post about my check-ins to give myself some accountability. Feel free to call me out on my bullshit or something that you think I could improve. 2018 Resolutions Vegetarian (Really Pescatarian) This has been the most surprisingly easy transition I’ve had so far. The only time I’ve lapsed has been when I occasionally just an strong desire to eat something that’s available in a restaurant I’m going to. Or if there’s really no other option. But overall though I’ve rarely felt that eating the non-vegetarian option was super necessary. Part of the ease of this transition though is because I have the privilege of having a variety of salads and raw vegetables, mushrooms, and other ingredients to top that salad at lunch at work. It’s easy to get a bunch of greens and some mushrooms, tomatoes on top for lunch. Though this isn’t super ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2018

2017 should just be decreed the year of Ryoga. Probably the biggest and most momentous life change I’ve done in a long time is take on the responsibility of a dog. I’ve been considering it since 2016 but decided to wait until after the new year since I had a 2 week vacation planned over Christmas. Beyond that the year was combined with the most hectic summer I’ve ever had where I was doing something almost every other week. I even opted out of a camping trip because I just needed a break from doing too many things. It was just too hectic for me. Ryoga My dog is adorable He’s also sweet, kind of shy, and loves other dogs. His paws are slippery and he’ll tumble down the grass in Dolores Park when chasing birds. He’s so afraid of water he’ll stop and walk around a puddle. He doesn’t ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2017

2016 was a weird shift year for me. When I think back on where I was in December in 2015 and where I am now in December 2016 I’m not sure I feel there has been a lot of changes and accomplishments. Internally I feel similiar though I’ve known that I’ve done some things. This year has gone by pretty quickly and I feel that the first 7 months was a whirlwind of training and developing but the last 5 months was a weird mix of work and not sure where my time went. The San Francisco Marathon The first major accomplishment was the San Francisco marathon. I spent the majority of my time in first half of the year in training. I was running almost a 100 miles a month which is an almost 3-4x increase for my normal mileage in any period of my life. 18 mile runs ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2016

2015 has been a super odd year for me. A year that I’ve stayed so busy that it just passed away and I realize where I was in January of this year and where I am now is not all that different but full of experiences and memories that seem remarkable. This post is a bit longer as it’s a larger reflection of 2015. Reflections from 2015 Travelling Traveling was another big highlight for me this year. 4 days in Death Valley using a very lucky combination of Christmas and New Years timing for a long holiday break. 2 days in Seoul 18 days in Mainland China 2 days in Hong Kong 12 days in Peru 8 Days in Colombia 9 Days at Burning Man 4 Days in Toronto / Waterloo Total of: 59 days which is about what I spent last year traveling. The Korea-China-Hong Kong trip was a ...(Read More)