When Harry Met Sally – Movie Review

Rating: 5/5Great Movie!¬†When Harry Met Sally is a romantic classic and honestly I understand why it’s a super classic. The plot explores the idea of “can men and women just be friends?”. The story is basically driven around that concept. The entire story both characters are charming, cute and somewhat realistic. Both characters are annoying and have significant bad points when they are younger but both mellow and grow out of their points after long lasting relationships in their mid 20s. But they both find each other serendipitously over and over again (which I admit is the significantly most implausible part of the movie). Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are both charming and quick witted. The movie also introduced a few major concepts in dating (“Rebound guy” and “high-maintenance”), at least that’s from Wikipedia. The speech at the end is very cute too. Also it has the famous Deli Scene, ...(Read More)