The Blues Brothers – Movie Review

Rating: 3/5 StarsThe Blues Brothers are a pair of brothers played by the late John Belushi (Animal House) and Dan Akryod (Ghostbusters), they are criminals who are also the head singers for a band known as the “Blue Brothers”. The movie is about their redemption, it’s a fairly basic comedy. So the best thing about this movie is the song, they have Ray Charles, James Brown, Arethra Franklin and Cab Colloway all do songs in the movie, which are all great songs with awesome dance numbers. They also do quite a few good covers including one of the theme for Rawhide. Watch it. The humor in the movie is on and off, some of the jokes are great and hilarious but then others fall flat especially a lot of the chase scenes and police involvement humor. The best jokes are the ones that are subtle lesser jokes or a few ...(Read More)

Event Horizon – Movie Review

Rating 3/5Worth watching but don’t go out of your way to see it. I would say Event Horizon is Sphere meets Doom/Alien. Combine sphere’s creepiness and aspects of fear and crazy shit happening with Doom’s space opera all in a high tech ship / area and you get Event Horizon. The fact that they all came around the same time is an interesting fact. The movie has some proper creepy moments and some aspects of real terror but then combines that with terrible graphic effects and just bad scenes with giant explosions that remove the creepiness. Combine that with some just terrible imagery that isn’t just to gross you out and you get a movie that while has great parts, also has quite terrible parts. If it had stuck with the creepy vibe and just kinda played on the fear aspect instead of creating this Hellraiser like villan it would ...(Read More)

Troll Hunter Review

Rating: 3/5 Stars If you got nothing better to do, watch it.  Troll Hunter is a mock shaky cam movie about Trolls in Norway. In Nordic Culture, Trolls are similar to Trolls in Lord of the Rings, big giant creatures who eat people but are susceptible to sunlight where they will turn to stone or explode. More akin to wild beasts though without any communication in human speech. The other part of Troll mythology in Nordic Culture though is that Trolls eat Christians, I’m not sure the rational or biological explanation for this and the movie never covers it, just takes it for granted as true. The movie covers a few kids who follow Hans the Troll Hunter as he talks about his experiences and takes down trolls with them (he seems to be a bit annoyed that he doesn’t get overtime pay, so he’s willing to divulge state secrets). The ...(Read More)