History of Middle Earth – Abridged

So me and Melissa have been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy so of course I decide to read the Wikipedia pages and parts of the Silmarillion again. This is basically a somewhat long but much shorter than Wikipedia History of Middle Earth. The Beginning Illuvatar (God) creates Ea (the universe) and a race called the Ainur. Some of the Ainur decide to help Illuvatar help form the universe and they descend into Ea. The strongest of them became the Valar (think Olympians) and Maiar (akin to Angels). The Valar don’t really come up in the books, but we see many Maiar: Gandalf, Sauraman, Sauron, and the balrog are all Maiar. One of the Valar, Melkor, is not happy and tries to disrupt the world, eventually he is stopped as more Valar enter Ea and fight against him. He flees and runs away and hides and the Valar go ...(Read More)