About the Doctor (Who) – Recommendations / Explanation

I have been told repeatedly and repeatedly to watch Doctor Who. You people and your obsession with British serials. Anyway, I did! I watched all the new series (6 seasons) in about 2 months. It helped that I got sick for three days with a flu and basically blasted through almost two seasons that way. (please note I wrote this like 2 months ago I just never got around to publishing it). If you don’t know the premise of Doctor Who, The Doctor is basically a time travelling alien who tries to ensure that nobody fucks with the time stream and things happen the way they should. Along the way he has companions who travel with him, almost always women. His species (Time Lords) can regenerate before dying (the way the series explains a change in actors). His real name? Nobody knows. He just goes by “The Doctor”. The show ...(Read More)