Ai Yori Aoshi

So I recently found out that a series that I used to enjoy back in my youth (well youthier, I’m only 23 at the time of this post) was completed in manga form, Ai Yori Aoshi. I found it be delightful and fun series back then, so I decided to find out how it really ended. And Oh Dear God this series was a piece of crap. The series is a basic harem. The main girl is a childhood friend and in love with the main guy. Blah, you don’t need to know the rest, it’s typical. They live in a big house and a bunch of girls fall in love with the guy though he has no¬†redeemable¬†qualities or abilities except for being a “nice guy”. And honestly, I would have just thrown the series out as trash but I do remember that I really enjoyed it for some reason, ...(Read More)