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About Prop 22

Prop 22 These are all my views and not that of Lyft just to be clear. I’m not also going to give real numbers but approximations for everything since information is confidential. I’ve had a few people ask me about my thoughts on this and I figured I’d just write it out instead. This is not a post trying to convince you of any position or the other just my thoughts on the matter. If ...(Read More)

A tribute post to my former home

If you haven’t heard already I moved to Oakland with my girlfriend Mel. This is a super exciting time in my life but I wanted to write about my past home. I lived at the intersection of 26th and Fair Oaks for almost 10 years. It’s not the first place I moved to SF but the 2nd! I moved to SF, then moved to East Palo Alto, and then moved back to SF for a ...(Read More)

On Other Random Things about Police

These are some random things I’ve found when researching the police that I thought was insane about police culture in the United States that didn’t really fit into the reform or defund blog posts. An Aside: Domestic Violence This is something I’ve learned about researching this but isn’t directly tied to the protests and it’s about domestic violence in police families. There hasn’t been a lot of studies on this and most seem to date ...(Read More)

On Defunding the Police

There’s been a lot of calls for #defundthepolice. It initially sounds like people want to get rid of the cops which is usually not the case. There are organizations that are aiming for that like MPD150. They certainly have the goal to get rid of the police entirely in a very long term way but I’m just going to assume that won’t be as politically viable in the United States. Most of the movement is ...(Read More)

On Reforming the Police

I’ve been investigating and trying to understand police reforms over the past few weeks but there’s so many posts that it’s overwhelming. Especially as the rallying cry for it as come up more and more. I was hoping to accomplish a few things in this post: 1) Try to create a comprehensive list that talks about the various procedural reforms. 2) Try to focus and articulate my thoughts about all of them. 3) Allow for ...(Read More)