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Resolutions 2024

2023 was the year of intermission. A gap year between different parts of my life. 2022 was the year of the wedding and the honeymoon and 2023 was the year the start of getting the house together, getting my life back together, and just a bunch of other things. Here are some highlights: We took Mama Burke to Ireland We made a trip with Jacque, Mel and Mama Burke to go to Ireland. Instead of ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2023

2022 was ridiculously busy. There was almost never a month we weren’t either out of town or planning something. It was just kind of insane when I realized that we had every month going someplace or doing something. Here are some highlights! WE HAD A WEDDING We celebrated with so many of our good friends & family! It was a LOT of work planning a Indian wedding in Boise. We had to plan 3 separate ...(Read More)

The Tips and Tricks Guide to Outlanders (Apple Arcade)

Outlanders is one of the best strategy games inside the Apple Arcade library. They occasionally do updates with the latest Flood and Fire released in December of 2022. This guide is mostly tips and tricks to get through each level and the optional quest as opposed to a step by step walk through. General Advice Some general advice for the game is important that’s going to apply for all these things. Food is essential, you ...(Read More)

Guide to Australia

When to go Australia seasons are unknown to me but the important thing that I realized is that unlike school in the United States, there’s not just one summer break in Australia. There are multiple school breaks that made things really busy when traveling around. I would recommend avoiding them if you can. Money For the most part you can use your credit card in Australia. There were only a few times that we had ...(Read More)

Guide to New Zealand

New Zealand is a fun country that you can go around in and you can actually do both islands if you want. I think the question though is what you want to be in for. The North Island is a lot shorter drives and there are a few more cultural things (also the food I think is better) but the South Island has the more extreme environments and nature that New Zealand would be known ...(Read More)