The Tips and Tricks Guide to Outlanders (Apple Arcade)

Outlanders is one of the best strategy games inside the Apple Arcade library. They occasionally do updates with the latest Flood and Fire released in December of 2022. This guide is mostly tips and tricks to get through each level and the optional quest as opposed to a step by step walk through.

General Advice

Some general advice for the game is important that’s going to apply for all these things.

  • Food is essential, you can survive without a lot of other things but if you don’t have enough food being harvested/created everyday you’re screwed.
  • Minimize downtime by putting smaller stockpiles closer to production.
  • You want to activate things like “Hard Work” during the day so you can maximize it instead of at night.
  • Your population won’t have as many kids if they’re not as happy. So you can reduce happiness to reduce population as well though it’s not a guarantee as much as the decree.


Level 1: Fjorda 1

Mission: Stock 40 planks and build the ship in less than 30 days
Optional: All of your followers are settled

  • Get a forager huts in the woods to the left of your starting location. It has lots of mushrooms.
  • It’s a lot easier to build a lot more lumberjack huts than it is to build one big lumberjack cabin if you want to manage it. You’ll have more downtime for construction. Harvest everything right of your start location
  • Maximize your sawmill workers to hit the 30 days goals.

Level 2: Gerald

Mission: Build 3 Farms and haves 50 tomatoes in stock in less than 45 days
Optional: Population over 20 and at least 90% happiness

  • The Tomatoes grow every days, so make sure you have 2 forager huts created to minimize how much of your tomatoes are eaten.
  • I cleared out the wood south of your starting location to get the wood you needed but honestly it doesn’t matter. Just remember to save the mushroom producing food
  • One farm with all the space set for tomatoes will produce enough tomatoes

Level 3: Earl

Mission: Survive 35 days with 50 population or more
Optional: Collect 40 rocks to fix the Leader’s hous

  • Turn on rationing decree IMMEDIATLY and get the resources to set up at least 3 forager huts.
  • You’ll need farms soon after the forager huts. As much as you can plant
  • Remove your guy from the sawmill you don’t need it, it’s the least useful person.
  • I got lumberjack huts to collect the downed trees to collect and put the forager huts on the right of the start location.
  • Once you got tomatoes going on your farms, you can start chopping down the trees that produce food for your forager huts.
  • For the optional quest you’ll need at least 3/4 of the stone on the map
  • At some point if your population does dip, you can activate love each other decree. But if you setup things well and don’t lose anyone to starvation you probably don’t need it to keep the population up.

Level 4: Jebediah

Mission: Finish the Wickerbread man in less than 100 days
Optional: Keep the population under 14

  • You can start the work harder decree to suppress the population and get some benefits of the harder work. The level is a lot easier without the population cap though.
  • Make sure to get a farm with tomatoes running and one forager hut
  • I recommend having overlapping farm space between two farms so you can harvest and plan wheat quickly. You want to maximize the turnover because it takes forever for wheat to grow.
  • You’ll constantly need one person on construction to move bread otherwise your followers will eat it all.

Level 5: Ogir

Mission: Bake 50 bread and serve 15 people in the Tavern in less than 70 days
Optional: At least 90% happiness and no modest homes

  • Start rationing once your happiness goes back to 100%
  • You’ll need a forager hut and try to change everything to tomato fields on your farm that is currently there. It will be free to change wheat to tomato. You can have separate farms for wheat production.
  • Start lumberjack huts to gather wood for the basics, you can clear out the wood top right of your starting location.
  • You’ll just need one bakery and one tavern.
  • Build out nice houses and replace them the modest houses so your happiness doesn’t go down

Level 6: Fjorda 2

Mission: Build 5 Windmills and 3 Taverns in less than 120 days
Optional: Population over 100

  • Foragers huts throughout the area will be enough especially down south.
  • You should be able to get enough stone to build everything you want from right of your starting area.
  • Build the tavern and windmill but keep them empty, honestly bread production isn’t very good for scaling food.
  • You’ll need at least a few farms and I would just build at least 3-4 all tomato
  • Important thing for an optional quest is you don’t need to house or have non hungry 100 residents. You just have to hit it. The “Love each other” decree is great.

Level 7: Diana

Mission: Reach a population of 70 in less than 60 days with everyone settled
Optional: Never have more than 3 farms and 30 wood left by the end.

  • Get a farm and clear rocks to maximize farm space. You want as much farm as you can and you need to use quarry strategically to make more farm space.
  • Keep the love each other on for periods of time but give time for the kids to grow to adults to make sure you can build 3 farms and enough houses
  • Eggplant and corn doesn’t seem to be much different, I would mix it up so you can have waves of food though
  • You will need Saw Mill to make sure everyone is settled for the optional quest

Level 8: Josephine

Mission: Build 2 bakeries, 2 candy mills, bake 300 loaves of bread and make 300 candies in less than 90 days
Optional: Never have more than 40 followers, have everyone settled into nice homes, and have 8 decorative plants around town

  • Start the “rationing” decree and make sure to pause the construction at the top: bakery and the candymill, roads and anything else.
  • Have at least 2 forager huts running and clear the road and expand your farm using lumberjack huts.
  • Build a farm with non-wheat goods.
  • You should get a 2nd farm with wheat and sugar cane half and half you should be fine to produce things.
  • Maybe add a 3rd farm if you need it. You should have plenty of time to build the quarry for the stone and everything else
  • Manage your population by using the “hands off” decree.

Level 9: Ulf

Mission: Build 20 nice houses, 3 windmills, 6 farms, 2 taverns, 4 bakeries and 2 candymills in less than 100 days
Optional: Build everything in less than 55 days

  • Don’t build the 3rd builder house
  • Rationing in the beginning and near the end will be useful
  • Get some forager huts running you’re gonna rely on that at the start.
  • I would clear out the top of all the wood as much as you can and get a saw mill there. That way you have food in the south and east and wood in the top and build your farms there
  • Remember wheat is for suckers. Eggplant and corn are your friend.
  • Clear out the stone to the right and that should be enough to build everything else.

Level 10: Ronald

Mission: Build “The Masterpiece” in less than 110 days
Optional: Build 7 small statues around town

  • The annoying thing is that you’ll need to clear out the entire middle to make room for the “masterpiece”, it’s the only place to have room for it.
  • Clear out only wood that doesn’t produce food. Including the lumberjack cabin on the west side of the map
  • Slowly replace the buildings. Houses on the west side, replacing the windmill and bakeries on the south, and statues on the north side
  • You’ll need to replace the farms too at least one or two smaller ones.

Level 11: Marga

Mission: Have homes for everyone when the new followers arrive, and survive 90 days with no one dying of hunger
OPtional: Have over 60 follows and grow at least 1 of each crop.

  • Replace all wheat production with tomatoes, remember bread is for suckers.
  • Forager huts to the west and then lumber and just create a system to keep expanding farms and building houses. Let your windmill process you remaining wheat and your bakery can make some additional bread.
  • The optional quest you just need to grow 1 THING of each crop, so you can just have one small square of each crop.

Level 12: Bjorg

Mission: Reach of a population of at least 20 follows and everyone settled by day 40
Optional: Plant 5 Jacaranda and 5 Palo Borracho

  • Start getting fruit trees planted all around the existing forager huts
  • Get at least 3-4 forager huts throughout the level
  • If you want to do the optional quest I suggest planting them behind the tree nursery
  • Use the logging huts to clear out all the non fruit trees and at least plant a few around an existing one.
  • Just keep doing that until your population is a bit beyond 20 and let “no hands” decree cut your population down

Level 13: Big Bertha

Mission: End the level in less than 70 days, with 5 monuments and 2 fountains, and never having less than 10 followers
Optional: End the level with at least 46 lapacho Trees and don’t destroy the windmill

  • Remember, bread is for suckers.
  • Get a forager hut up past the rocks, try to get as lumber much as you can.
  • Prepare to clear room by harvesting the lapacho trees above the rocks
  • Cut enough trees to make a nursery and get as many people you can. Maximize apple trees near your hut
  • Recycle the bakery, quarry and tavern to build your fountains. They’ll provide your lumber. You can also build one nice house
  • You’ll need a quarry for the extra stones for the fountain.
  • If you want the optional quest, regrow some lapacho trees and position the lumberjacks to clear your apples tree for the remaining lumber for monuments. Or grow some trees to cut down.
  • Remember to recycle your quarry again if you need more wood before cutting down tree.

Level 14: Ogir 2

Mission: Reach a population of at least 100 followers in less than 100 days
Optional: Recycle both ship ruins, bake 30 loaves of bread, and build 4 birdhouses.

  • You can postpone a sawmill with some lumberjack huts to clear space and recycle the ships
  • Make another forager hut near the ships until you can your farm up
  • Bread is for chumps but once you have 3 farms setup create a section for wheat. I would say a big lettuce section with two farms handling the lettuce and the rest being a mix of corn and eggplant.
  • Once you have 3 farms your goal is to get some stone and harvest the remaining wood on your island
  • Periodically you should activate love each other just to ensure you get the 100 population

Level 15: Josephine 2

Mission: Count 320 sit-downs at the bonfire in less than 70 days
Optional: End the level with at least 30 followers

  • Get forager huts on the south near your fire pit
  • Fill up your tree nursery you’ll need to make your existing forager hut productive and make a tree cutting grove at the top
  • You’ll need to keep the fire pit running for most of the time, so always keep at least one person there.
  • Clean up the quarry and cut down as many non food producing trees or trees that you can with strategic lumberjack huts
  • You’ll need at least two farms, once those are ready just keep an eye on the population using hands free declarations and you can cut down the forest in the south and replace it with the grove at the top.

Level 16: Harold

Mission: Brew 50 pitchers of beer and make 200 pieces of candy in less than 80 days
Optional: Have 4 decorative monuments

  • This level is a game of wood management.
  • Wipe out all your trees that aren’t being harvested for mushrooms or apples. I would at least have a 2nd forager hut or a better placed one
  • You’ll need a sawmill and be able to build some nice houses, a farm and your tavern and candy mill.
  • I made my farm about half pumpkins and quarter sugar and a quarter wheat.
  • You can build a quarry, get enough stone for all your major buildings and some for your monuments and then destroy it for wood again
  • Once you’ve built the tavern/candy/houses for a sufficient population recycle your sawmill for more wood
  • To build 4 monuments back you might to harvest a few fruit trees. I lost people to starvation but the population stayed a happy equilibrium at one point

Level 17: Diana 2

Mission: Reach a population of 32 in less than 100 days
Optional: Bake 100 loaves of bread

  • You need to do very specific things to solve this level.
  • You need to build in order: sawmill, farm and tree nursery.
  • You need the sawmill for the farm, lots of lettuce and tomatoes on the form to survive, and the tree nursery before you run out of wood in the world
  • After that your goal is to just build our more farms. Do the wheat and bakery challenge if you want but I recommend a tavern to get happiness and population high.
  • Just keep planting trees for lumberjack huts to take over, you have lots of space and time for builders and trees to grow so just build 3-4 little blocks around lumberjack hut

Level 18: Prince Oliver

Mission: Reach the highest level of Beauty and have at least 50 followers
Optional: Build 3 fountains and have everyone settled by the end

  • Bread is not great at feeding you, replace all your farm growing with lettuce, tomato, and corn
  • So the key here is don’t chop wood but instead recycle then dilapidated houses in the area
  • You’ll need a 2nd farm quick and I recommend prioritizing your effort on getting that up before anything else’s
  • You should build fancy houses instead of nice houses since your main gap is gonna be wood not stone
  • You’ll need to quarry all the stone and build your three fountains and all the other beauty buildings you can

Level 19: Moriko

Mission: Write 60 books, and have at least 70 trees by the end
Optional: Have followers visit the school 35 times.

  • Really simple level. Build out some lumber huts on the side to collect as much wood as you can. Don’t take it away from the forager hut you have.
  • Get a sawmill running and then build out your lumber yard and farms. I recommend farm first.
  • Just aim for the win condition by building the school concurrently or soon after the books

Level 20: Abigail

Mission: Have your followers visit the theater 300 times
Optional: Bake 100 loaves of bread

  • The level is another limited wood level.
  • Makes sure to keep your forager hut around and keep it productive, don’t chop around it.
  • You’ll eventually be able to get a sawmill and a farm on the other big area south of your start location.
  • You can clear almost any lumber you don’t directly need. A 2nd forager hut will be useful if you want to plant only wheat and get the bread optional quest in otherwise you can just do a tomato farm
  • I would always keep your main food south of your start around and clear out all the lumber on the rest of the island. Tomatoes don’t grow fast enough and you might starve so always supplement with your forager hut.

Level 21: Ogir 3

Mission: Build the wedding altar, and have 150 egg plants and available housing for at least 30 guests by the end.
Optional: Reach the highest level of beauty

  • If you want the optional for this it’s going to be a pain. Effectively the only way to get nature beauty is to minimize how many trees you cut down
  • You can chop down most of the ones around you around your builder hut but maybe avoid cutting down the jacarandas as they add beauty and variety to your trees. The cool thing is that trees propagate so you just have to cut things down over time vs. doing massive clear cuts.
  • Make lots of lumberjack huts all over the map. Spread them out so they’re not near the trees so they have a chance to propagate. You can do this after clear cutting around you.
  • You can make space for your altar in the bottom right of the map
  • You’ll need at least one farm that is producing eggplants. I would keep it to one farm and one forager hut to minimize the need for wood.
  • Build ONLY fancy house. It lets you reduce the need for wood in general though if you’re doing things right and rotating your logging you can build nice houses too
  • You’ll have enough stone for many fancy houses and at least one or two fountains probably. You’ll need one around your farm to reduce the beauty issues with it
  • Also the altar is ugly? How rude it makes your beauty score drop.

Level 22: Fjorda 3

Mission: Reach the highest level on every Concern
Optional: Have everyone settled in fancy houses

  • Here’s the level you get access to everything and you just gotta manage the resources
  • Tree nursery and farms early on are useful. Keep just planting pines for an endless stream of wood
  • Outside of that remember that bread sucks and forager huts are actually quite useful to fill in gaps when you don’t manage your population growth to farms right.

Level 23: Yara Luna

Mission: Build 20 drums and brew 85 pitchers of beer
Optional: Have follower visits the bonfire 200 times.

  • I don’t know if this is the right strategy but 3 forager huts on the left side of your map should sustain a decent size population
  • You should be able to rotate and farm the wood on the left as well as all the non food producing trees you can over the map.
  • If you have people going to the tavern they will spend less time at the bonfire. So if you’re going for the optional you should turn off tavern once its done
  • You can get one farm with without about half the maximum spaces to farm wheat
  • You can squeak the food by if you just activate rationing once in a while and turn it off. Your population should stabilize at some point mine did around 15 which is more than easy to house hut get everything else done
  • If you wanna speed them optional query you can build a 2nd bonfire

Level 24: Hiro

Mission: Catch 40 fish
Optional: Reach a population of 8

  • Cut down all the trees west of your island and get a forager hut setup right away
  • You’ll want to strategically chop down all the red trees on the right side of your island too. It can give your mushroom producing trees room to spread too
  • Avoid building a house until you have a sawmill up. 1 follower can harvest about 4 mushrooms a day so you’ll always be on the edge of starvation but fine but you won’t have kids until after. If everyone is housed, happiness goes up and they might have kids.
  • Once you have your fishing center built or very close you can build your house and just slowly wait for the population to increase. Remove fisherman if necessary your one guy on the forager hut will feed most of your population still: if some more trees have grown you should be even better off
  • The 2nd house should be built right after the first

Level 24: Jebediah 2

Mission: Reach 30 days with the highest level of Gastronomy
Optional: Have everyone settled

  • Keep the forager huts on the east side for a while eventually you can build farms (at least 2).
  • Split up your crops reasonably but pumpkins are going to the hardest to grow so I would make sure to have a bit more than
  • People still keep coming when you have more than enough being made and enough to get a high level of gourmet start building houses. The population drop 1st is 10 and the 2nd is 20.

Level 26: Pearl

Mission: Use 200 sacks of flour
Optional: Make 400 bowls of pasta and 400 pumpkin pies

  • Straight forward level. Build huts build farms and then produce enough to build what you need for each quest.

Level 27: Geraldine

Mission: Make 300 smoothies and 300 salads
Optional: Reach the highest level of beauty

  • You’ll need at two forager huts in the beginning and by the end you’ll need at least one farm
  • I made my farms in the corner top right corner, a forager hut on the top left so it can be used as an ingredient later
  • Your nursery will be acting as a fruit tree farm in the start. Pick out a space and mix up your trees in the area. They’ll act as the resource for your juice bar
  • Let your followers be unhappy about housing until after your farm is there and you can spare some time for quarry. I think the keys for the optional quest here is only fancy houses
  • Once you have the construction of the two gastronomy places just focus on building beauty and replanting trees for more wood. Use all the stone you can for fancy houses and the occasional decorative plant.
  • For some reason the beauty in this is so hard. I had to literally clear out farm space to put a birdhouse on it to get the full score

Level 28: Flimflammer Flynn

Mission: Reach the highest level of Gastronomy and serve 80 pitchers of beer
Optional: Build 12 fancy houses, 2 fountains and a scriptorium

  • Clear out the center wood area you’ll want to use it for farms
  • Forager hut on the right so you don’t starve
  • I made an overlapping field of farms with mostly potatoes and wheat being overlapped. It fits into the space you have
  • Potatoes are gonna save your butt and you can do everything else once they are established
  • I put a windmill first and then put 3 fish and chips places to achieve the main quest
  • Clear our roads to make space for farms and stuff.
  • Optional quest just delays everything because you need to keep a few people on stone all the time

Level 29: Rhonda

Mission: Cook 120 serves of each one of the six dishes
Optional: Reach the highest level for fun

  • The forager huts existing should get you enough material for juices
  • Beyond that grow out your farms I would have about 3 farms to make all the various materials but you could also do 2 and just rotate the crops more than I did and get the same amount
  • Pumpkin and wheat are gonna be the most annoying you’ll need larger sections to grow since they’re used in various things and they grow so slowly
  • To get fun I would just build two theaters and a tavern

Chronicles: Heir of the Roads

Heir of the Roads, Level 1 Fairuza:

Mission: Build the Trading Carts and 100 bags of flour in stock
Optional: Bake 150 loaves of bread.

  • The level is all about tree and wood management
  • Switch many of the fields to lettuce quickly, you want to produce enough food to sustain.
  • Don’t build any quarries, you won’t need it
  • Stockpile apples is useful when you switch to wheat
  • Leave a bread guy if you want the optional quest, you’ll need a windmill
  • Switch out lettuce for wheat later in the game for the flour

Heir of the Roads, Level 2 Fairuza 2:

Mission: Don’t allow a single death by hunger. Clear all the rocks and reach a population of 10
Optional: Have 20 bags of flour remaining

  • The stones are setup in a way that you can’t reach the next set without clearing the first
  • Harvest from the two set of trees and swap constantly so they have a chance to regrow.
  • A lumber mill to bakery will keep you afloat
  • Try to keep your population count at 11-12 and then activate hands off

Heir of the Roads, Level 3 Brother Fillipo

Mission: Recycle the device before day 20. Produce 36 kegs of beer and reach the highest level of Culture
Optional: Make 240 pasta servings

  • You’ll get a bunch of followers when the caravan arrives
  • It takes a while to take down the “device”. 4 workers took about 3.5 days to disassemble the thing and it took at least a day or two to put the stone nearby away
  • Make sure to get a tree nursery
  • I found clearing the right wood made placing things a bit easier
  • Make to sure have a farm ready and planted with tomato and eggplant for your new arrivals. You want a few days for them to grow and feed them soon
  • Housing is a secondary concern
  • A 2nd farm for wheat will be nice especially if you want the optional quest

Heir of the Roads, Level 4 Gharib

Mission: Reach the highest level of Gastronomy, Fun and Beauty
Optional: Reach a population of 90 and have 50 free housing slots.

  • The hard system for this is to get things positioned so your food stalls do well. I recommend building one set of farms north and only wheat. That way all the wheat goes through your wind mills and the pumpkin and sugar cane are below. That way the stalls have the easiest time getting their stuff.
  • Use the islands to supplement food or just clear them for even more farms.
  • This might mean you have to move houses over so if you want the optional quest be mindful.
  • Plant lots of beautiful trees and built fountains near the farms.

Heir of the Roads, Level 5 Fairuza 3

Mission: Have 35 planks in stock
Optional: Do not recycle any crates

  • If wanna do optional you can do it with three forager huts to keep things going for a while. And just rotate between two foragers huts.
  • Build a sawmill and get a farm going
  • Once you have enough potatoes cannibalize all your trees and recycle your farm and you should have just enough the planks

Heir of the Roads, Level 6 Fairuza 4

Mission: Produce 40 books, 200 salads and have your followers visit the theater 100 times
Optional: Have less 20 followers all housed in Fancy Houses and at least 60 trees.

  • It’s useful to create zones. I kept my timber regrowing and harvest in the right.
  • Two big farms will keep you alive. Lettuce on one and tomato on another and keep someone harvesting mushrooms on the left
  • The three main activities are a bit unrelated. The salad seems the easiest since I wanna get food production, the paper mill and the education require more people but you can destroy all your forests and then slowly rebuild them while you finish theater.
  • You can also clear out the mushroom forest on the left if you need wood.

Chronicles: Flood and Fire

Flood and Fire, Level 1 Issac North

Mission: Rebuild the lighthouse
Optional: Don’t allow a single death by hunger and have least 3 houses

  • You’ll have to create three rotating food forager huts and cut some trees down to build them.
  • I would also create enough lumberjack huts to give some trees to grow behind. The one by the giant statue, the one down south of the main town seem to be fairly isolated and easy to get.
  • You can cut some trees around the main town to that aren’t in your food range that you can get your quarry
  • Finish your quarry, get all the stone you need for the statue and then build a lumber mill to do the same thing. Dismantle the quarry to get wood for your mill, dismantle your mill to get lumber for your houses for the house
  • You might need to cut some trees that you’re foraging from but only near the end and.

Flood and Fire, Level 2 Tabitha Oakley

Mission: Have 210 potatoes and no wood logs in stock
Optional: Reach the highest level of happiness

  • Use the wood to clear out as much as you can to get 4 farms built
  • Grow potatoes like crazy and then build houses to use all the wood. Lots and lots of houses wherever you can
  • Chill work keeps the optional in reach

Flood and Fire, Level 3 Arthur Wilson

Mission: Have 210 sacks of flour in stock and produce 650 servings of stew
Optional: Reach a population of 40

  • start getting your farms out first. Get a farm right away and get it growing a mix of pumpkin, beans, and corn
  • Get a 2nd farm and quarry going you’ll need 2 stone for the stew producers
  • Continue using lumberjacks to clear out farmland
  • Once you have the stew and 2 farms build our a 3rd farm separate and grow wheat and prepare for a windmill
  • At this point you can get rid of the forager hut and clear the wood to make more farms
  • Eventually you’ll need a 2nd wheat farm for wheat.
  • Maximize your windmill and if you need it love each other is useful to get a population high enough and work hard to finish making wheat. Remember a population of 40 does not need to be happy or housed

Flood and Fire, Level 4 Jocelyn “The Tusk”

Mission: Have 4 Fishing Docks, and 180 fish in stock. Build 2 Tusk Totems
Optional: Complete all level objectives by day 40.

  • The work harder decree will be super useful
  • Get a forager hut up in the north to get food. Then cut down every tree you can with lumberjack huts
  • Once you a few fisherman huts you can supplement the forager hut teams
  • You’ll need to get work harder out about 30 days in with 3-4 fisherman hut to get the rest of the quest goal before 40 days

Flood and Fire, Level 5 Brother Hugo

Mission: Repair the Damaged Pipe and produce 8 books
Optional: Have 24 mushrooms in stock

  • Just remember that you can keep the decree hard work on until things get real bad
  • You only need planks for buildings, you only need one forager hut at max, and maybe a few logger huts or one logger facility
  • If you have two people on the forager hut near the end you should be able to do them optional quest.

Flood and Fire, Level 6 Cassie North

Mission: Build the ships, fill them with 50 servings of Fish ‘n’ Chips each, and reach the highest level of Beauty
Optional: Reach the highest level of Fun

  • The potatoes and everything are shipped to you so you can run out. It’s important to get your food production high so you can let the fish and chips go to the ships
  • The ships will have empty boxes, you’ll know they are done when all the boxes on them are gone.
  • I ended up having to build like 2 theaters to get the fun requirement