Mid-Year Resolution Check 2018

I have quite a few resolutions from 2018 and I’m going to just check in for what they are.

Vegetarian (okay really Pescatarian)

I kept the goal of 5/7 days of a week for the next few months pretty consecutively. I missed it once when I was in New Zealand and I skipped it while I was traveling the American South. I did realize that I switched from vegetarian to pescatarian somewhere in this timeline. I think it’s been reasonable though and I’ve officially bumped myself up to once every 2 weeks.

I do realize though the title is annoying. I don’t like calling myself vegetarian or even pescatarian because I do occasionally allow myself to eat meat. I think I feel guilty when I eat meat when I give myself a title that people take more stringently. I’ve been pondering over it and a friend suggested Minimalist Meat eater so I will continue to going down the alliteration and call myself the minimal meat muncher. The important thing though for me is the avoiding the easy words by saying vegetarian and instead just minimizing meat consumption.

Progress: Great!


This was shit. I’m currently set up to run a 7-8 minute 10k right now. I’m on the training program so I just need to upkeep it though. I was on a good track for it before I left for my Atlanta and Alaska trips but I need to get back into it. I’d like to be able to reliably run 8 minute mile by the end of the year. Going for longer and longer runs at that distance will be good. Right now my best time though is about a 3 mile run at 9:04 though I can sustain about a 5 minute run at 8:30 pace. It’s not fast enough for me just yet.

Trying to run with Ryoga though is too hard. I originally envisioned doing the training with him but it doesn’t work that well. A good amount of treats isn’t enough motivation to get him off his lazy ass.

Progress: On Track!

24 Books

This one is shit. I still fallback to watching television all the time. I even watch stupid terrible things like watching the live action 101 Dalmations. Sometime it’s good to zone out but I need to figure out a way better way to break that habit of just watching mindless television. The times I have read my books though I’ve found I’ve fallen asleep better and easier than if I had watched television.

Progress: Awful.

Creative Hobbies

I still haven’t found something I’ve wanted to pursue yet. I think the big thing is that swim class took way so much more time out of my schedule than I thought it would.

I’ve done one improv workshop which is fun enough that I figure I can sign up for one class. Though honestly I don’t see myself as pursuing things after that but who knows. While this is a creative hobby I think I’m preferable to doing something that is more achieving bigger and better things that have concrete goals.

Progress: Non-Existant


I can go in the water now! I don’t freak out as much in a pool. I’m going to Priceless (a small festival near a river over 4th of July) this year and I’m hoping part of it is that I don’t have any concerns about being in that water anymore. I took the Level II class at the YMCA Embarcadero but I have a hard time kicking and have a hard time remembering all the motions properly. The big thing is the only times I’m practicing is during the class so I need to spend more time outside of those classes. Practicing is essential but trying to do the whole

Progress: On Track!