Check-In January 2018

I figure I would just publicly post about my check-ins to give myself some accountability. Feel free to call me out on my bullshit or something that you think I could improve.

2018 Resolutions

Vegetarian (Really Pescatarian)

This has been the most surprisingly easy transition I’ve had so far. The only time I’ve lapsed has been when I occasionally just an strong desire to eat something that’s available in a restaurant I’m going to. Or if there’s really no other option. But overall though I’ve rarely felt that eating the non-vegetarian option was super necessary.

Part of the ease of this transition though is because I have the privilege of having a variety of salads and raw vegetables, mushrooms, and other ingredients to top that salad at lunch at work. It’s easy to get a bunch of greens and some mushrooms, tomatoes on top for lunch. Though this isn’t super strict veggie because I’ve had a delicious Kale Caesar Salad which technically has anchovies in it.

I’ve also lost my ability to eat out as much though. Veggie take out is lot harder and it’s mainly limited my choices to certain Asian and Indian restaurants in the area.

Status: On Track


Running took a shit turn this month. Not only have I been slacking on this entire thing I’ve hit a new low of 14.1 miles instead of my goal of 75 miles. The big factors were the first two weeks of no motivation to do it. I was probably still reeling from the 100 miles I accomplished in December and didn’t feel like doing it as much. When I started picking it up again, I was limited in my time later this month due to some dog sitting. I discovered (kind of expected it) that Dexter (a tiny corgi) and Ryoga would not have the same pace. Trying to make time for it outside of dog running was difficult. But most of this is just excuses to just not do something.

Status: Off Track


Estudio con Duolingo. Es difícil tener una conversación. Duolingo es muy bueno para estudio vocabulario pero no bueno para habla español. Difícil de pensar en español.

Status: Kinda?

24 Books

I’m on track if the goal is 2 books a month. I finished off Big Chicken though I had to quickly finish the reading since I had a 3 week rental window for the book. I also just did a quick read of Mark Manson’s “Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”.

Big Chicken was pretty good and an entertaining read, I’ll probably write up a summary of it later.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck was meh. The book itself is what most self-help books are which is a rebranded modern version of more ancient philosophies with some modern teachings sprinkled in. The basic concept of the book is Stoicism which is the concept of embracing pain and a more personal responsibility of your own views. And of course ignoring your self which comes from Buddhism. BUT it does have a nice read the important lesson: You’re not special. Which is a nice reminder when I think of myself too negatively. But holy fuck can Mark Manson humble brag up the fucking wazoo. Shut the fuck up.

Status: On Track!

Creative Hobbies

I’m going to pick up a few hobbies this year. For February I’m going to start taking dance classes. Hip Hop, House Dancing, or just going out dancing. I’m probably going to avoid Swing, Salsa, and other stuff which requires partners until I get better at following steps.

I already took a beginning hip hop class and realized that I’m still truly awful at dance classes. I find it super hard to remember all the steps and it takes me much longer to get better at memorizing the patterns. Hip Hop classes specifically even have arm movements too which is even more complicated for me.

After a month or two of dedicated time to dance classes, I’m going to attempt to see about rock climbing. I’ll probably the 10 punch pass at Mission Cliffs in April. If anybody hears of shoes in a Men’s 9 or cheap rental gear I would love to buy gear cheap instead of renting every time.

If you’re interested in the doing the hip hop class with me. Friday’s at 6:15pm at the ODC. I’m gonna try to go this entire month of February.

Status: Starting but no progress in January


Class is signed up for March. Anybody have any advice on where to get simple access to a pool during the winter months so I can practice being underwater? I’ve also been told that I could probably learn the breaststroke as an easier storke to learn the freestyle.

Status: Hasn’t started yet