Resolutions 2014

Well… It’s 2014. So here’s my quick summary of 2013.

I started out my year working at ApartmentList and starting my first iOS project under company time, the flagship iOS app for ApartmentList! I had a ton of firsts this year as well.

  • I travelled to Germany and the Netherlands, my first major overseas trip by myself though I have to admit, I spent a LOT of it sick as a dog and dealing with jet lag, but I had some great experiences.
  • I went to Hawaii and went snorkeling for the first time.
  • I joined a dodgeball league (cranial damage has increased 10x fold from previous years).
  • I went backpacking through Yosemite (big thanks to Melody for organizing)
  • I started biking regularly through the city.
  • I went to Burning Man (and barely slept).

But beyond that, this is about resolutions!

Resolutions for 2013

Under 8 minute mile on 10K

Ok yeah not even close, I trained for quite a bit but injuries throughout the year really put a hamper on this. You can see my RunKeeper that I was running regularly until I hurt my ankle at Yosemite and that killed me the rest of the year. I’ll get back into it though. My pace at my best was around 9:00 minute mile for about 2-3 miles before I would hamper off. This one goes on my repeat list

Read a book a week

Nope, I read a LOT. I finished most of the DiscWorld books and I have a grand total of 30 books in 2013. That’s not a book a week though but pretty damn good I think. Though DiscWorld books are short. There was some epic monoliths in there including Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, 1491, & Thinking, Fast, and Slow. Thinking being probably the most interesting book about that I’ve read all year.

Sports Hobby


Handle myself in a venue alone

I can do it, I don’t care for it, but it’s not that hard anymore. The question of being able to just say hi to someone and have a conversation becomes easier but it still depends on the event.

App in the app store


Less Stuff

Think I did this one? I have more camping gear and costumes this year but considerably less of stuff I don’t use as much.


T_T, didn’t go to Japan or anywhere this year. Went to Hawaii, Burning Man, and other things instead though!


Nope, nothing here either. Meditation is hard to pick up.

Resolutions for 2014

So instead of focusing on big life long goals I’m going to do a few smaller things. So coming from 2013

Under 8 minute mile on 10K & App in the App Store will continue to be resolutions

Beyond that I’m going to focus on a few different things.

Get a domain and set up a personal website

I realize I don’t have a domain and a website that I maintain, I’m going to just host my own personal projects out there and I have a few quick ideas that I want to build. They aren’t dramatic but I want to have a place where I can post. I would also like a better medium than blogger for writing, the rich editor here is too much and Markdown has proven to be a better medium for writing. A lot simpler and generates plain html without too much effort. Not sure how I’m going to switch over any content though.

This is currently being written up on ghost though.

Net reduction TV shows I’m watching

I enjoy TV, I really do but I’ve slowly been watching less and less over the years and I think this trend should continue. It’s easy to get sucked into a TV show. Right now I’m currently following 15 shows. Hopefully a few of them end this year, though I do have a preference for shorter series (Orange is the New Black, GoT, House of Cards, Sherlock).

Learn to Swim

After many times being in the water and just being afraid of going underwater I’m tired of it, I took swim classes in December but I’m still not that great in the water. I don’t naturally float still and I have trouble being in the water still, I will keep training until I can at least swim laps without too much trouble. The biggest problem is once I’m breathing out of the water, I don’t like going back in. I also can’t seem to kick, running instincts take over and I kick wrong in the water.

Stop being so negative

I realize that a lot of my humor is self-deprecating and it comes off as negative and complaining, and I should resolve to at least reduce my complaining.

This article on re-do is pretty good.

River Rafting

I’ve never gone river rafting, I should probably get around to doing it at some point this year.

East Coast Visit

I wanna go to the East Coast, I’ve been to NYC but never Boston, Washington DC, or anywhere really else in the area and I want to explore it. Possibly in the spring and fall as that I imagine is the ideal season for both of those times.