Some Like it Hot – Movie Review

I don’t think I can watch this movie without thinking two of the three characters are so… annoying.

Tony Curtis’ character is the saxophone ladies man who always gets his friend Jack Lemmon into lot of trouble. Jack Lemmon is the nice guy who doesn’t seem to have any luck. Monroe is the dumb blonde.

Tony Curtis character is an annoying asshole, the entire time I can’t seem to find any redeeming quality on why Lemmon is friends with him. He plays uninterested and tricks the Monroe character and takes advantage of Lemmon and lots of women throughout the movie. He’s charming and quick witted and the dialogue between him and Monroe is pretty good but that’s about it. He seems to tell Monroe in the end that he’s no good but she has fallen for him anyway… which seems kinda dumb.

Monroe’s character is a dumb blonde, like seriously just a regular dumb blonde. Regularly saying she’s kinda stupid.

The only redeeming quality of the movie is Lemmon is hilarious. He’s the comic foil the entire time and the situations he gets in are hilarious, having to dance with a male pursuer, having to deal with a bunch of girls who end up having a party in his bed and even the very last scene is great.