Umloud Ideas

So I had a great time at Umloud and I couldn’t help but start thinking of random ideas for next year band ideas and in general. I really do want to participate assuming I can remember to get stuff together to do something.

Beat It – Michael Jackson

So you basically have the gang war going on stage, the sides are led by a guitarist + singer on each side with other people in the back dancing. One group wearing all red, the other all blue.

The instrumental introduces the main singers and the guitarist in their respective costumes. The others are kept back. The first start, the red singer starts it up. Sings until the first “Beat it”. The blue singer then picks up the other half “Don’t be a macho Man!” until the second Beat It.

Then the rest of the crew comes up on stage and some choreographed dance for the chorus!

During the non-chrous parts, each group does their own little confrontation number (similar to the thing during the Flash Mob but a bit showier and in your face since it’s a smaller crowd).

Then of course more chorus dance! Maybe a little show offing by each group leader (dance off!)

You then have the instrumental solos split into two somewhat distinct parts. The red guitarist goes up first and plays a part of the solo. With the red people chanting behind him, “Red! Red! Red!”. Then the second part of the solo goes up and does his part with his team going “Blue! Blue! Blue!”.

Then of course everybody comes back together for the last set of chorus.

The only thing is I can’t think of how to incorporate the drummer (can you skip the drummer?)

Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant
If you’ve heard the song, it’s pretty easy to do on stage. Listen to it!

So the first part is the guy singing about talking about the pretty little thing, he sings about it until he asks her, “why do you do this to yourself”. Then she goes up and sings the rest of the part of her song until he talks about the second guy.

A guy comes up and puts a nerf gun to the main singer’s head while the main guy is still singing until  he asks the question again. But then he does his part using his gun, maybe dressed up punk/nerf gun.

Then you have the thing about the preacher and the cop come up on stage and do the arrest, but then the cop and the priest do the next set of chorus. Then everybody else comes up on stage to do the last chorus.

Gay Bar – Electric Six

I think the only way to really do this is to take the music video for Gay Bar and expand it into multiple presidents AS MANY AS WE CAN. Gay Lincoln! GAY WASHINGTON! Gay Obama?! Only thing I could think of.

Side note, the Electric Six songs on Rock band suck, Gay Bar is the only good one.

AC/DC – Kiss – Queen – Styx
Honestly I mainly would do these because they are all kinda fun songs and just have a great amount of awesome rockness but at the same time a lot of people know the lyrics (or at least the chorus for most of their works).

I realize that not all of these songs are (or ever will be available) on Rock Band… :(