The Blues Brothers – Movie Review

Rating: 3/5 Stars

The Blues Brothers are a pair of brothers played by the late John Belushi (Animal House) and Dan Akryod (Ghostbusters), they are criminals who are also the head singers for a band known as the “Blue Brothers”. The movie is about their redemption, it’s a fairly basic comedy.

So the best thing about this movie is the song, they have Ray Charles, James Brown, Arethra Franklin and Cab Colloway all do songs in the movie, which are all great songs with awesome dance numbers. They also do quite a few good covers including one of the theme for Rawhide. Watch it.

The humor in the movie is on and off, some of the jokes are great and hilarious but then others fall flat especially a lot of the chase scenes and police involvement humor. The best jokes are the ones that are subtle lesser jokes or a few physical jokes. But I think the movie is still amusing to watch as a kind of movie to watch in the background and not paying too much attention to it, since most of the humor is pretty in your face and you can get it even without paying too much attention. Plus you can always stop to watch the songs.