Event Horizon – Movie Review

Rating 3/5
Worth watching but don’t go out of your way to see it.

I would say Event Horizon is Sphere meets Doom/Alien. Combine sphere’s creepiness and aspects of fear and crazy shit happening with Doom’s space opera all in a high tech ship / area and you get Event Horizon. The fact that they all came around the same time is an interesting fact.

The movie has some proper creepy moments and some aspects of real terror but then combines that with terrible graphic effects and just bad scenes with giant explosions that remove the creepiness. Combine that with some just terrible imagery that isn’t just to gross you out and you get a movie that while has great parts, also has quite terrible parts. If it had stuck with the creepy vibe and just kinda played on the fear aspect instead of creating this Hellraiser like villan it would have been better off.

Also the captain’s plot and story is so freaking cheesy and terrible, I’m not sure what exact scene it was but I was just going “Dear God, this is just exasperating listening to this guy”.

* Spoiler *
I mean seriously? The final fight scene is just stupid, he basically punches a manifestation of hell? Oh come on, this is just silly. I liked Doctor’s Who version a bit better than this, at least that one had the ability to manifest himself psychologically in a body which helps him do all his actions, this aspect of hell / demon could somehow manifest himself differently and do a bunch of stuff that doesn’t seem plausible but then at the same time couldn’t prevent the good guys from winning.