TED’s Viewer Bias

I was just noting an interesting thing, if you look at TED’s most “informative” there is a weird selection here.

Ghost Map
What went wrong with LHC
Tech’s Long Tail
and Pitching to VCs

Now, the ghost Map and LHC are general, they are about science and things that even people not even in the field of science might be interested in. At the very least, it is an interest story.

But the other two, specifically the “PItching to VCs” talk has complete non-informative information to anyone NOT in the tech field. Why does the plumber care about VCs? Why even have a concern about them. But this is pegged as one of the most “informative” talks.

I think this is important to realize that TED’s audience isn’t really the people with good ideas but considerably it’s the tech field. The people who are in technology and particular the computer science technology field as opposed to any other field of technology. Perhaps VCs are used in other entrepreneurial efforts but I believe more traditional bank loans are used in those categories, or significant sources of funding that even VCs require leverage to get (anything with capital expense such as solar or other technologies).

Just a curios oddity that you might think about when perusing TED’s “best” videos.