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  • Implementing Scroll to Bottom Event iOS

    Scroll to the End Event – iOS Say you want to determine if somebody has scrolled to the bottom of your TableView. How would you go about doing that? Basics The complicated part of registering the event is actually determining when someday has scrolled to the end BUT not including events that include the bounce. The second thing we need to know is that a UITableView is subclass of UIScrollView, so it has common delegate ...(Read More)

    NSUserDefaults Best Practices

    NSUserDefaults NSUserDefaults is Apple’s way to store user preferences for iOS (it’s for OSX as well but I don’t do OSX Development so I can’t talk at length about that). The data is namespaced into your own persistent domain (usually the name of your app) and cannot be accessed by others apps in iOS as it is sandboxed. Most people use NSUserDefaults for storing data between sessions. Anything that you would want to persist between ...(Read More)

    Resolutions 2014

    Well… It’s 2014. So here’s my quick summary of 2013. I started out my year working at ApartmentList and starting my first iOS project under company time, the flagship iOS app for ApartmentList! I had a ton of firsts this year as well. I travelled to Germany and the Netherlands, my first major overseas trip by myself though I have to admit, I spent a LOT of it sick as a dog and dealing with ...(Read More)

    50/50 Movie Review

    A touching film about a young man who goes through cancer. I feel the entire movie screams out tropes, grouchy old men who do drugs, young doctor, touching best friend, over protective mother, main character learning that his friends / family truly care and have their own problems. But it doesn’t fucking matter, because it’s well done and you like the characters. They’re awkward, they are kind, and they do a good job at pulling ...(Read More)

    Sleep Tight Review (Movie)

    As usual, I was searching for my next horror movie and the movie that came to my attention was Sleep Tight. This 2011 film was written by the same Spanish director as the zombie movie REC, which was well done and certainly scary. Though his sequels going into the origin of the zombies in similar scenarios are less entertaining but he seems to have a franchise, so I’m not going to judge. So the first ...(Read More)