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  • Resolutions 2015

    Blog Post Resolutions 2015 So 2014 has been a super busy year. So here’s the quick rundown of what happened in 2014 for me. Travelling I spent a ridiculous amount of time traveling to other cities and countries: 7 days in New Orleans 9 days in Japan (Tokyo and Nikko) 8 days in India (Mumbai and Goa) 10 days traveling to Portland and Seattle 17 days traveling to Boston, NYC and Washington DC. 7 Days ...(Read More)

    My Thoughts on Black Mirror

    One of the more interesting series that I’ve seen recently is Black Mirror. A BBC show that recently got attention in the United States as it arrived on Netflix, I personally heard about it recommended from a friend at a party. The show reference’s the Black Mirror, the black screen that we all pay attention to. A slightly modified Twilight Zone without as much camp or humor, the show does well in it’s first watching. ...(Read More)

    Teaching Front-End Programming – Day 0

    Teaching is hard. I was recently hired to be an instructor the Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly. This series of posts will be a continuous series about the smaller issues and my thoughts on the teaching process and General Assembly as well as general advice for future instructors. Maybe it’ll be helpful, maybe it won’t but I have yet to find anyone articulating their thoughts on the process anywhere. Of course I’ve talked ...(Read More)

    Implementing Scroll to Bottom Event iOS

    Scroll to the End Event – iOS Say you want to determine if somebody has scrolled to the bottom of your TableView. How would you go about doing that? Basics The complicated part of registering the event is actually determining when someday has scrolled to the end BUT not including events that include the bounce. The second thing we need to know is that a UITableView is subclass of UIScrollView, so it has common delegate ...(Read More)

    NSUserDefaults Best Practices

    NSUserDefaults NSUserDefaults is Apple’s way to store user preferences for iOS (it’s for OSX as well but I don’t do OSX Development so I can’t talk at length about that). The data is namespaced into your own persistent domain (usually the name of your app) and cannot be accessed by others apps in iOS as it is sandboxed. Most people use NSUserDefaults for storing data between sessions. Anything that you would want to persist between ...(Read More)