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  • Force Awakens: A Review (Spoilers)

    Star Wars is a hard franchise to take over for anybody. It’s been in the heart and minds of the general populace. Comic book movies and fantasy series are just as big blockbusters but doesn’t have that have fan base that crosses many swaths of people. The movie was entertaining, I laughed a few times, not as boisterously as the high school kids behind me but more than once. The new characters were excellent. Ridley ...(Read More)

    Why am I so excited for Star Wars?

    I was wondering why recently I’ve been so EXCITED for the new Star Wars film. I’m practically giddy with excitement and I occasionally rewatch the trailer just to get that visceral joy out of just that small amount of teaser into this new film. But the question is why am I excited for the new Star Wars film? I loved the Star Wars Universe as a kid I was born in 1988 and while I ...(Read More)

    Are movie sequels really more popular?

    A friend of mine commented about how Hollywood only produces sequels nowadays, we’ve all had the thought but impressions can be wrong so let’s get some real data behind this. I’m going to look at the top 100 domestic grossing movies from 1980 to 2014, not including the year of this post 2015. This should cover a large spectrum of movie going in the past 35 years. As you can see from this first chart ...(Read More)

    Guide to New Orleans

    Rohan Planet’s guide to New Orleans New Orleans, the crown of the Mississippi. I’ve been told that it’s the sister city of San Francisco in the the sense that you won’t find a city as diverse and laid back as San Francisco. Either way, I finally got an opportunity to head out there recently and spent a week from February 16th to the 22nd with my friend Kristy. As most people ask, that is not ...(Read More)

    Machu Picchu Guide

    There are very few sites that evoke wonder and amazement than Machu Picchu. It’s one of the new “Seven Wonders of the World”, not exactly sure who’s in charge of that but still it’s deserving of the title. I went in May of 2015 with a large group of people, most of which I didn’t know but made quick friends with and some coworkers who took the opportunity when presented to go. I figure I ...(Read More)