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This Week in Podcasts (2016/5/08)

I listen to a lot of podcasts in a week, at least one during my commute to and from work everyday and I listen to them on my runs. Since I’m training for the SF Marathon I’m adding about 4-5 hours a week in podcasts. It’s adding up. I figured I would write up about what I’m listening to! I’m trying out an approach where I break down each episode into three important things: Summary ...(Read More)

How Battery Doctor Works on iOS

On a recent trip to India, me and my friends were on the airplane talking about how we needed to free up storage space for photos. My friend showed me an app she uses called “Battery Doctor” which frees up hard drive space and memory for her. Memory Cleaner boosts your available memory and Junk Cleaner cleans up your disk so you have more storage space. Spotify itself was a big abuser of storage space ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2016

2015 has been a super odd year for me. A year that I’ve stayed so busy that it just passed away and I realize where I was in January of this year and where I am now is not all that different but full of experiences and memories that seem remarkable. This post is a bit longer as it’s a larger reflection of 2015. Reflections from 2015 Travelling Traveling was another big highlight for me ...(Read More)

Force Awakens: A Review (Spoilers)

Star Wars is a hard franchise to take over for anybody. It’s been in the heart and minds of the general populace. Comic book movies and fantasy series are just as big blockbusters but doesn’t have that have fan base that crosses many swaths of people. The movie was entertaining, I laughed a few times, not as boisterously as the high school kids behind me but more than once. The new characters were excellent. Ridley ...(Read More)

Why am I so excited for Star Wars?

I was wondering why recently I’ve been so EXCITED for the new Star Wars film. I’m practically giddy with excitement and I occasionally rewatch the trailer just to get that visceral joy out of just that small amount of teaser into this new film. But the question is why am I excited for the new Star Wars film? I loved the Star Wars Universe as a kid I was born in 1988 and while I ...(Read More)