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Resolutions 2018

2017 should just be decreed the year of Ryoga. Probably the biggest and most momentous life change I’ve done in a long time is take on the responsibility of a dog. I’ve been considering it since 2016 but decided to wait until after the new year since I had a 2 week vacation planned over Christmas. Beyond that the year was combined with the most hectic summer I’ve ever had where I was doing something ...(Read More)

Resolutions 2017

2016 was a weird shift year for me. When I think back on where I was in December in 2015 and where I am now in December 2016 I’m not sure I feel there has been a lot of changes and accomplishments. Internally I feel similiar though I’ve known that I’ve done some things. This year has gone by pretty quickly and I feel that the first 7 months was a whirlwind of training and ...(Read More)

This Week in Podcasts (5/16)

I didn’t do a lot of training runs during the week but I had my 18 MILE ridiculous run on this weekend which took me 3+ plus hours. Jeez, I listened to so much just during that period. 56 Zardulu (5/21) Summary: The story of a mysterious artist, Zardulu, who made a fake web video about the rat selfie. Nefariously crafted and getting strong viral attention from multiple media sources this video made everyone criticize ...(Read More)

This Week in Podcasts (2016/5/08)

I listen to a lot of podcasts in a week, at least one during my commute to and from work everyday and I listen to them on my runs. Since I’m training for the SF Marathon I’m adding about 4-5 hours a week in podcasts. It’s adding up. I figured I would write up about what I’m listening to! I’m trying out an approach where I break down each episode into three important things: Summary ...(Read More)

How Battery Doctor Works on iOS

On a recent trip to India, me and my friends were on the airplane talking about how we needed to free up storage space for photos. My friend showed me an app she uses called “Battery Doctor” which frees up hard drive space and memory for her. Memory Cleaner boosts your available memory and Junk Cleaner cleans up your disk so you have more storage space. Spotify itself was a big abuser of storage space ...(Read More)